Having Your Home Inspected for Water Damage and Mold

Water often appears harmless. However, even in small amounts, water is capable of inflicting enormous damage to a residential home or business. If your home has been flooded, the foundation can be damaged. This includes the rotting of wood and corrosion of metal that make up the structure of your home. Even something as minor as a small leak can damage the immediate area. If your home has been devastated by water, then you should immediately contact a water damage cleanup Phoenix center.

It is important that you call a water damage cleanup Phoenix center immediately. Water damage can greatly diminish the value of your home. If left untreated, the water can also create a humid environment that causes mold to form. Mold is a type of fungi that grows in damp conditions. Mold can cause allergies and respiratory problems, especially in children and seniors. Mold is often not detectable with the naked eye and requires the assistance of a professional to locate the presence of mold.

A water damage cleanup Phoenix inspector will often offer a free inspection. This includes a complete visual check of the damaged area as well as taking air samples and thermal images. The inspector will give you a full report, which includes the type of damage and the repairs that will be needed. This will also include the total estimated cost for a full repair and the length of time it will take to get the work done.

Repairs can be costly but should be covered by insurance if you have it. Part of the repair process includes drying the area and removing debris and parts of the floor and walls that have been damaged or contaminated beyond repair. They can also extract the water from carpets as well as fix leaky pipes that may have attributed to a leak. A water damage cleanup Phoenix center will send a crew to restore your home or business back to the condition it was before the flood or leak.

It is important that a flood or even a seemingly harmless leak does not go ignored. Even if you manage to dry the area on your own, enough damage may have already incurred that will require repairs from a professional. If any part of your home or office is overtaken by water for an extended period, then be sure to contact a water damage cleanup Phoenix company to conduct an initial inspection.

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