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Tempe Water Damage Restoration Company

Water Restoration by Dry Now ServicesThere’s always something going on in Tempe, Arizona, keeping the residents busy. Tempe holds the University of Arizona’s oldest campus, Arizona State University, and is also headquarters to some of the United States biggest companies such as US Airways and American Express. This mix of younger students with educated business adults creates the perfect atmosphere for lively suburbia. Many Tempe residents want to spend their evenings with friends and family at college sports games and strolling around the beautiful down town. However, if a Tempe residents’ home is damage by a natural disaster, the last thing they’ll be able to do is enjoy everything that the larger Phoenix area has to offer. Instead, they’ll be trying to figure out ways to repair their home and who to hire to do it. Thankfully, with multiple locations near Tempe, the experienced staff at Dry Now Services is the one-stop shop for all natural disaster repair needs.

Flood Damage Cleanup In Tempe

Many Tempe residents do not realize that their homes are still at risk of water damage. Instead of local flooding, however, water damage is caused from the inside of the home. If a toilet overflows while a resident is away on vacation or a clogged pipe bursts, water can quickly spew and cause damage to floors, walls and furniture. The licensed and experienced staff at Dry Now Services is able to quickly remove damaged wood and materials and rebuild and remodel.

Cleanup Services For Fire & Smoke Damage

A fire can start from a simple spark and turn into a consuming fire. A cigarette bud, for example, could be the lighter to a huge house fire. Although the dry dessert environment is great for heat-lovers, it is also a nurturer to fires. Fires destroy everything in their path, and then the water used by firefighters can cause additional damage. The Dry Now Services crew arrives within minutes of being called and begins to use odor suppressing techniques. Then, after assessing the home the crew works quickly to remove damaged furniture and materials before beginning immediate repairs and remodels. The crew of Dry Now Services is swift, allowing the family’s life to return to normal as soon as possible.

Testing For Mold Fungus

Mold is a fungus that flourishes in damp environments. Therefore, damp environments in the home such as kitchens, bathrooms and basements are at risk of developing mold. Dry Now Services offers free visual assessments and estimates to let you know the extent of damage and how much it will cost to repair. The staff not only removes the mold but also repairs and restores the rooms that were affected.

Preventing Your Home From Hail Damage

Tempe residents are also prone to hail and wind storms. Dry Now Services focuses on prevention, by placing tarps on roofs to prevent extensive hail damage and by boarding up windows to prevent wind damage. If preventive measures are not enough, the staff also arrives promptly to begin repairs and remodeling.

Tempe is a fantastic, lively place to live and the festivities of the city should be enjoyed. By taking preventative steps, time, energy and money of the home owner can be saved.


If repair and remodeling is needed, the experienced Dry Now Services is available to help immediately.

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