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Flood Damage Restoration in Phoenix, AZ

Dry Now Services Offers Mold Restoration ServicesPhoenix not only has a warm climate and affordable living, but is also a central location for business with major companies such as The Best Western and AvNet being located within the city. It is also home to the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association and the Arizona Diamondbacks of Major League Baseball. The mix of pleasure and opportunity, as well as ideal suburban home life draws people from across the globe to call suburban Phoenix home. However, sadly the ideal suburban home life can be shattered by catastrophe. Disasters such as fire and storms can potentially damage a dream home while mold and water damage can destroy a home from within.

However, home owners of Phoenix no longer have to lose sleep worrying about their fantasized suburban life being destroyed by one of these disasters as Dry Now Services can easily help repair any damage caused by these natural factors. Dry Now Services has locations throughout the Phoenix region and surrounding communities, making them easily accessible by any distressed homeowner. Their experienced staff is also available to answer questions and give a free and honest damage assessments.

After the assessment, homeowners can be confident that the qualified staff uses only the best equipment to repair all damage quickly using only the best equipment to return life to normal as soon as possible.

Flood Damage Cleanup

Since Phoenix is a warm, dry climate, water damage from flooding is extremely rare. The most common water damage to Phoenix homes comes from homeowner’s ignoring clogged pipes. If pipes and drains become too clogged, they can burst. This causes water to out rush quickly and can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Restoration needs to be done promptly to save as much of the original wood work as possible and to prevent mold. Dry Now Services is experienced and licensed to fix all water damage.

Restoring Your Home From Fire Damage

Any home is prone to fire. Fires can start in a number of ways: electrical, sparks from fireplaces, lightning ext. Dry Now Services helps the family pack and remove all salvageable belongings after a fire and then works quickly to take odor controlling steps and board up the home. From there, the Dry Now Services team is able to begin making repairs and restoring people’s homes.

Mold Testing In Walls

Mold can be making a family sick without their knowledge. Mold, which tends to thrive in damp climates such as kitchens and basements, can easily grow behind wallpaper and other unseen areas. Dry Now Services provides free mold inspection to locate mold and then offers mold removal services. As well as removing mold, Dry Now Services also takes steps to ensure that the mold does not return.

Flood Water Removal

The warm climate of Phoenix makes it prone to not only thunderstorms but also hail storms. Hail storms and high winds can wreak havoc on home’s roofs and windows. Dry Now Services not only works to repair this damage by repairing windows and removing trees, but also seeks to prevent damage by boarding up windows and laying tarps on roofs. Preventing a catastrophe saves money, energy and stress.

Nature’s disasters don’t stand a chance against the educated and licensed staff of Dry Now Services. With locations throughout the Phoenix area, they are ready to help you prevent disasters nature causes, from fires, storms, water and mold, and also help you repair if you fall victim to them.


The cost friendly service and fantastic staff will have you calling Dry Now Services for all of your disaster needs!

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